Friends of Villa Fiume

Friends of Villa Fiume is an international non profit organisation founded in 2015 in the medieval village of Veravo, Castelbianco (SV, Liguria, Italy)

The main purpose and goal of the Friends of Fiume association is the re-evaluation of local stone architecture, as well as the local food culture. This is achieved by raising awareness through educational, cultural, events and activities.

The association supports the following;

1. To restore the buildings of rustico property in Italy : the buildings of traditional architecture which has stood the test of time for centuries. These places embody artisan architecture and are are places of traditional cultural food practices.

We intervene with respectful projects without forgoing contemporary comfort, making the projects accessable to a wider interest group of prominent influencers.

We work as closely as possible to heritage criteria respecting the significance of the place.

We collaborate with relevant organisations that support responsible tourism, and conservation of heritage.

2. To restore the grounds of rustico property Italy : The restoration activities may also include the surrounding terrain of the buildings, these usually have been shaped by hundreds of years of agricultural practices in which large expanses of dry stone walls were created.

3. The maintainence of trees and re-planting of traditional trees.

The conservation management plan for Villa Fiume (2015) has been an intergral guideline from which this association was created to fund restoration works both at Villa Fiume or necessary projects to protect cultural places in Italy. The funds achieved are spent on restoration, maintainence and staffing which allows the project to continue. Each year an annual report of funds utilised through the Friends of Fiume Association will be available at the executive annual general meeting and then published privately for members to view.

The structure of the association :

Executive Committee

The executive committe have been selected by the owner of Villa Fiume for the puposes of local knowledge and consultative skills.  The Owner of Villa Fiume, Sireshan Kander, reserves the final decision in all activities and persons involved with the property. A copy of Sireshan Kander’s history of media, conservation work and attainments is available on request or through appointments online for interested persons.

Support us so we can make a difference.

Apply for membership:
Membership has its benifits of being invited to events held at Villa Fiume, and access to consultative advice when considering a project of restoration in Italy. Please note the advice is based on our project only and information we have been exposed to through this unique project. It is always advisable to gain as much information as possible and make an informed decision.

The contribution of every single person concerned with protecting heritage places is fundamental in making a difference. The support you give is important for our association to contine to realise its project.

Rewards of visits and  free attendence of events are offered to members in proportion to their support at the decretion of the committee.

The project of Orto E Cucina  (Vegetable Garden and Kitchen) is the esssence of a casa such as Villa Fiume and realises its return to a traditional function, but for education and awarness purposes in the current time where the world is leaving a sustainable trajectory.

To apply to be a member of Villa Fiume, please contact us on
A video or telconference call can be arranged and an assesment of your interests and expectations .
Following that a decision is made by the executive committee to permit membership.

Support us

The contribution of every single person is fundamental for the Villa Fiume Association to continue to develop its project. By becoming a member, you help sustain the Villa Fiume ongoing mission and can participate in a variety of unique events and experiences guided by the Association to promote appreciation of the area’s local culture.

Thank you for your support!

To become a member please request for a form (